Kala Samridhi


Kala Punaruthan Producer Company Limited is an off farm producer company (OFPO) being promoted by Mahashakti Foundation in Odisha with the esteem support of Tata Trusts and NABARD specifically by the artisans of the villages of Gatiguda and Jhigidi in the Rayagada district. We at Kala Punaruthan aim to empower the artisans to produce beautiful Dhokra Jewellery, Home Décor and Utility Items that have market value and appeal for the mass audience.

Dhokra Craft The name 'Dokra' or Dhokra‘ was used originally to indicate a sect of metal craftsmen who well were known for their metal craft. Dhokra now refers to a metal craft which is tribal in origin. It is mainly found in the tribal areas of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Dhokra crafts are the items made exclusively by hand, often with the use of simple tools, to give it both a decorative and utilitarian value. Dhokra craft mainly produces figurines of Gods, Goddesses and religious animals, birds and traditional jewellery. Dhokra craft has a rustic and antique finish which makes this unique and appealing. Though the Dhokra artisans are untutored in traditional institutions the Dhokra craftsmen possess huge repertoire of creativity and artistic sagacity. Dhokra art is revered all over the world for its primeval plainness and enthralling folk motifs..


Mahashakti Foundation was established under the Indian Trust Act – 1882, thereby starting its operations on the 19th Oct 2004from Kalahandi district of Odisha. A professionally managed and operated organization, it has its genesis from CASHE project of CARE India and DFID (Govt. of UK) to promote sustainable rural livelihoods of the poor. Conceptualized as a Social development organization, it provides a range of services to the “poor and downtrodden communities” and works towards improvement in livelihood development, health, education, agriculture, renewable energy, micro insurance, sustainable community development, sanitation, organic farming, housing and micro credit. Committed towards bringing a qualitative and quantitative change in the lives of common households, it is presently operational in 8 districts and 20 project locations. (branches), predominantly in western and southern Odisha. With a professional, dedicated and growing work force of 200 staff members, Mahashakti is committed towards making a remarkable change in the life and livelihoodsof poor and deprived communities of rural Odisha.

About Dokra Craft in Odisha