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The successful case of an aspiring women who mastered the art of dhokra craft.

It is one of Mahashakti’s important agenda to support the indigenous art and craft to make it a sustainable and scalable business. We are fortunate to receive the support of NABARD to keep working on this front and give impetus to the fighting and creative mindset of the rural artisans. One of such aspiring artisan is Ms. Mohanabati Pidikaka- a widow from Gatiguda village, Muniguda block, Rayagada District. Mohanabati had to face multiple hardships in order to manage her household and take care of her children. With limited sources of finance, she was unable to concentrate of using her crafting skills to make dhokra traditional craft items. Apart from that she was finding it tough to buy study materials, pay school fees and provide basic nutrition to her children.

In the meantime, she came to know about Mahashakti’s interventions in her neighborhood, without any hesitation Mohanabati inquired about the “Raw Material Bank Committee” – supported by Mahashakti Foundation. She immediately joined the committee after going through all the procedures, and availed credit facilitites for raw materials. Gradually she gained confidence at using her skills and took part in technical workshop organized by Mahashakti on designing of dhokra crafts. She eventually went on to make more of the dhokra items and sold them in the local market. In the process she was able to earn INR 6,000 – 8,000 per month.

The income was enough to meet her existing needs of household expenses as well as school fees. She felt self-reliant and found her worth as a skilled dhokra craft small entrepreneur.
The pandemic again brought in additional headache for her as it hampered her cashflows. She joyfully expresses, “in the toughest time, Mahashakti was again there to extend a helping hand and provided me raw materials to the tune of INR 12,000. I was in all tears and worked tirelessly to make more beautiful crafted items, that was not only sold in my local area but an outside organisation called Anwesha procured crafts from my stocks. I will always remain thankful to Mahashakti for their well-timed support (when it was needed the most), for making me realize my potential and the income gradually helped me to attain better standard of living as well.”