Kala Punaruthan Producer Company Limited

Kala Punaruthan Producer Company Limited (KPPCL) is an Off-Farm Producer Company (OFPO) being promoted by Mahashakti Foundation in Odisha, with the support from NABARD, under its Gramya Vikash Nidhi project. It was promoted with an objective of reviving the tribal art & craft done by the artisans of the villages of Gatiguda and Jhigidi in the Rayagada district. Apart from that the company aims to support in developing a sustainable livelihood source for the artisans, who will be trained & skilled to craft Dhokra Jewelry, Home Decor and Utility Items.

The name ‘Dokra’ or Dhokra‘ was used originally to indicate a sect of metal craftsmen who were well-known for their metal craft. Dhokra refers to a metal craft which has significant cultural connection with the tribal communities. Their technique of lost wax casting is named after their tribe; hence it is known as Dhokra metal casting.

Apart from Dhokra, Kala Punaruthan Producer Company works with more than 500 rural and tribal artisans of Odisha for development of craft-based livelihoods having a remunerative market value.